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Webinar: Post-quantum cryptography for privacy and security of the Internet.
Vulnerabilities of the public key infrastructure currently used to secure the Internet are enhanced with
the development of quantum computers; with privacy, security and cryptocurrency severe implications.
Distribution of information is a key solution for the future security infrastructures.
Quantum computers' development road map predicts a serious threat on today's encrypted data within less than a decade, this is an opportunity to reconsider the security of the Internet, based on the public key infrastructure architecture.

Having all information in a particular site or sent over a particular channel is a big risk for privacy. Information distribution can serve us today in efficient solutions for data in motion and data in rest. Ownership of information is preserved when sending a credit card number, sending a random number through email and a random number through SMS, such that their xor is the actual number. Storing photos in your own computer/server may risk data leakage and/or ransomware attacks, storing in Google Drive and alike, yield a trust in a single entity (and all the employers of the entity) and lose of data ownership, hence, a multi-cloud solution, each cloud storing random numbers is preferred.
Blockchain distributed trust complements the above solutions allowing private logic contracts.

Mar 9, 2021 05:00 PM in Jerusalem

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Shlomi Dolev
Chair Professor, IEEE Fellow, EAI Fellow and founding chair of the department of computer science of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, served as faculty of Natural Science Dean, Chair of the Board of the Inter-University Computation Center (IUCC first ISP of Israel). Currently Computer Science Discipline Committee Chair in the Israeli Education Ministry. Over three hundreds publications in computer science, distributed computing, networks, cryptography, security, optical and quantum computing, nanotechnology, brain science and machine learning. Author of the self-stabilization book published by MIT press. Collaborated with Deutsche Telekom, IBM, Intel, DELLEMC, Orange and others in multi-million dollar projects. Serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Secret Double Octopus and SecretSkyDB.