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Laser processing technologies at TWI
TWI has delivered advice, projects and transformative improvements in the use of laser technology for manufacturing, ever since it invented the first commercial fast axial CO2 lasers, in the 1970’s. These days it continues to evolve the technology through state of the art facilities at Cambridge (Welding) and Sheffield (Additive manufacture) in the UK. The lecture will provide insights into laser equipment types and power sources. There will be guidance on a range of beam manipulative techniques, such as “wobbling” which can optimize the suitability of lasers for certain uses. Our lecture will also describe the rapid technical development, and adoption, of Laser Additive Manufacture (LAM), whilst considering critical aspects such as consumable material and form. We shall mention factors limiting, or enabling, successful additive manufacturing outcomes, in new build or repair applications. Pros and cons of laser technology, (technical and commercial) when compared with traditional and / or alternative processes, will be illustrated. Drivers for laser technology, in some of TWI’s most innovative Industrial Member sectors, will be highlighted

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