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Innovations in Laser Welding Technology | 15.11.2022
ssociation of Engineers and Architects Israel (AEAI)
Israeli Forum of Laser Materials Processing-IFLMP
The Israeli Forum of Laser Materials Processing at the Architects and Engineers Association Israel (AEAI ) is kindly inviting you to participate in a webinar of two lectures on laser welding: The scope of the first talk “Trend in Laser Welding Applications” is to present the most recent trends in laser welding applications, showing how the introduction of new welding techniques, the evolution of laser sources technology and the development of monitoring tools have transformed the laser source in an extremely versatile tool. The second talk “Laser welding of thick metals in an industrial environment” will present the ability of Dynamic Beam Lasers to overcome welding of thick metals (above 20 mm) by means of focus steering and beam shaping.
Target audience will include engineers, technical managers / directors and influencers from advanced manufacturing companies and academia. Students and apprentices are also likely to benefit, as well as business and procurement managers who may be making decisions on adopting advanced manufacturing processes or building new / better products.
This webinar is endorsed by the European Materials Research Society (EMRS)
The webinar is scheduled on November 15th , 2022 at 10:00-12:00 Jerusalem time.


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