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Webinar: Future of autonomous vehicle and its effect on our life and on the employment market
The driverless revolution is coming, there’s no turning back.

In the future, our cars will know far more about us than we know about them.

Each new vehicle will instantly know how to adjust the seats, what music we like, our favorite TV shows, and where we left off in the latest series.
It will also understand where we’re going, letting those we’re meeting with know when we will arrive.

As transportation becomes faster, cheaper, and easier, we will simply do more of it.
We’re moving towards a very fluid society, and all this movement will seem natural and effortless.

It’s important to understand that driverless technology will not only be applied to cars, but also tractors, trucks, ships, lawnmowers, forklifts, water taxis, snowplows, submarines,
drones, trains, and even airplanes. It will soon touch the lives of every person on planet earth.

Driverless technologies will cause 1 in 4 jobs to disappear.

Over the next 2-3 decades, driverless technologies will be either directly or indirectly responsible for the loss of 25% of all of today’s jobs.

But that’s only part of the story.

Virtually every aspect of society, in every country around the world, will be touched by driverless technologies,
and the vast majority of it is destined to improve our global standard of living.

Job losses will be offset by job creation. Businesses that disappear will be replaced by innovative new businesses built around the ingenious new capabilities autonomous vehicles provide.
But are we preparing the next generation for the change?

Are we able to motivate our students to choose the proper skills?

This is our time to shine by providing the toolkit to the next generation.

The webinar will highlight the future job market and opportunities.
The webinar is intended for administrative engineers and professionals in the field of technology who are looking for directions for personal development in new organizations.

Dec 2, 2020 04:00 PM in Jerusalem

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Michael Armon
Chairman of the Association of Autonomous Systems in the association of Engineers.President of AUVSI Israel
Chairman of the Association of Autonomous Systems in the association of Engineers President of AUVSI Israel MENTOR WEWORKLABS Lecturer in HIT Autonomous Systems CUNY graduate in mechanical engineering CUNY graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Specializing in electro-optics and robotics. Senior manager with 35 years of experience in managing business units and multidisciplinary companies, designing electro-optical products and establishing production lines. Former CEO of UAS Innocon Partner at Accelerator, founder of IC Touch Former Director, Display Department, El-Op Establishes and manages the Singapore-based electro-optical subsidiary of El-Op (Elbit) Former VP of Marketing and Sales at Bentel Industries